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We buy majority of materials and components for our production in final conditions. These parts are used after input control on our assembly lines without any further processing.

This system puts significant demands on suppliers competence in logistics and quality ensurance.


The process of supplier validation:

  • Initial negotiations:

-         exchange of basic information referring organisation structure of future partners

-         obtaining information on partner's technologies and quality management system

-         performance of initial audit of production premises and technologies

-         presentation of first demand for price level checking

  • Delivery of specimens

-         ordering of selected parts samples

-         complex checking of supplied samples

-         possible fine-tuning of design and technological specifications

  • After positive assessment of supplied samples and clarification of necessary details

-         planned start-up of series deliveries is discussed with the supplier

-         first serial orders are sent

-         a forecast of our needs is started to be supplied on weekly basis

-         the partner will continually receive binding orders related to forecast


As a result, a supplier is included in our database of certified partners.


Each supplier is continuously monitored and assessed in:

-         delivery precision

-         quality of suplied parts


Assessment of the supplier significantly affects placing of new orders and continuing in the co-operation with our company.


You are welceme to consider your delivery possibilities and to contact our purchasing department.


Shafts for E-Motors

Aluminum parts

Iron Castings


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We are looking for suppliers of materials and components.