JULI Motorenwerk, k.s. was established on 18 February 1993 as a joint venture of two global leaders in material-handling equipment, the companies LINDE AG and JUNGHEINRICH AG. The company mission included development and production of DC electric motors for the needs of material-handling equipment in parent companies.

After gradual run-up of production in 1994 and 1995, we quickly surpassed the level of 100.000 motors per year and as soon as in 1999 we celebrated half a million of manufactured motors.

Since 2000, the AC drive started to win recognition in handling equipment and so we adjusted the product range accordingly and we significantly strengthened the areas of development and pre-development in this field. On 30 March 2004, the legal form of the company changed to a limited liability company. As from that date, the company JULI Motorenwerk, s.r.o. legally exists.

In the folloing years, we completely changed and extended our product portfolio, that includes at present time the complex lines of DC and AC motors, generators, pump engines and control engines for a complete range of handling equipment products. In response to wishes of our clients, we frequently act as a system integrator, when our supplies include complete systems of drive, frequently including control.
Even basic development does not drop behind, where we co-operate with the Ministry of Industry and Trade and universities on new products representing the future of the branch. We stand lose to our clients in development as well as in production, trying to find and consequently produce the optimal solutions for them.

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